Young Dolph’s murder suspect could be charged with another killing

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The same Mercedes Benz used in Dolph’s shooting is being linked to a separate killing from November 2021

Young Dolph’s suspected killer was identified last week and he’s since promised to surrender himself to the authorities. Justin Johnson, 23, is also being accused of shooting and killing a 57-year-old woman named Anita Wilson last year.

According to a report by WREG, Wilson’s daughter, Alison Bailey, believes that Johnson is responsible for her mother’s death. Wilson was in her car near a football field when someone drove by and shot her. She died from her wounds and another woman was injured as well.

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“I heard the gunshots because I’m so close to the area and that was my best friend. I just can’t even put it in words,” Bailey recounted. “It’s sort feel like a bad nightmare that you can’t wake up from that’s about what it feel like.”

“We don’t know all the details yet but we do know it’s a good, good chance, once they find this guy we will get closure,” Bailey added. “Yes, we want them to catch him. Yes, he deserves what he’s gonna get, and yes we are happy about that, that is not gonna bring our mother back.”

Covington Police also think the same Mercedes Benz involved in Dolph’s drive-by shooting was the same one used in Wilson’s killing. The authorities are currently awaiting forensic test results to prove whether Johnson is connected with Wilson’s murder.

After being listed as one of the most wanted criminals in Memphis, Johnson took to social media on Saturday (January 8), to reveal that he’ll turn himself in on Monday (January 10) while proclaiming his innocence.