Dame Dash coined the term “Pause”

Dame Dash coined the term “Pause"

The popular slang term and phrase “Pause” is one that has been used since the 90s.Pause is similar to saying “No Homo”, a phrase said after something that might sound homosexual to signal that what was said wasn’t in a homosexual way.

An example of a sentence using the pause phrase is “The best way to get to him is to go long, pause.”

Dame Dash revealed during a 2021 interview with Bootleg Kev that he actually coined the term “Pause” in New York.

“Did you invent pause?” – Bootleg Kev asks.

“Yes. Don’t play yourself. I am the inventor…. My crew, the best out we invented pause forsure. There’s nobody can ever say I didn’t. That’s all us. That came from my block. Period. My crew, best out.” – Dame Dash replied.

“and also i made up the term ‘Fresh to Death’, ‘Pop Tags’, i made that one up. I’m the one that made Hova. I made that up.” – Dame Dash followed up.

What does the phrase “Pause” mean? A phrase said after a sentence or act that could be interpreted as homosexual. 

Watch Dame Dash explain pause below.

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