Floyd Mayweather says he’s proud of NBA YoungBoy

Floyd Mayweather says he's proud of NBA YoungBoy

Mayweather wants “the best” for YoungBoy

and 's daughter, Yaya Mayweather, started dating in 2018 but have had a rocky relationship despite having a son together.

During an interview on The Pivot Podcast on Tuesday (Feb. 15), Floyd Mayweather spoke about his thoughts towards YoungBoy. “I'm proud of [], a very, very talented young kid,” he praised. “One of the biggest artists as far as in . He's got a cult-like following. I look at him just like one of my sons. I only want the best for him.”

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The unbeaten boxer went on to explain that he wishes YoungBoy would stay out of trouble with his counterparts. “I don't want him to have beef with anyone,” he continued. “These kids beefing nowadays and don't even know what they beefing for. So much talent. See what happens to these young kids, they dying on the regular — . Just so many young rappers and young entertainers, period.”

Mayweather continued, “I feel like NBA YoungBoy went away for a while — I like to say went to college for a little bit — he's back and I'm proud of him. I'm proud of my daughter. And I only want the best for NBA YoungBoy. I'm going to continue to push him and push her for both of them to be great.”


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