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Lauryn Hill was on Live at the Apollo


In 1987, a 13-year-old took the stage at the Apolo Theater in . Before she started rapping, she was a singer and actress. This was all before she joined The .

Unfortunately, things didn't go so well. A nervous Hill sang on an amateur night. The New Jersey native sang “Who's Loving You” and some of the people in the crowd weren't feeling it. She warms up a bit and gets the crowd more involved as she goes on. Year's later she would go on to become the first female rapper to go diamond.

Earl Sweatshirt first rap name was Sly Tendencies

Earl Sweatshirt was born on February 24

Dealer who sold Mac Miller deadly pills faces 20 years in prison after pleading guilty

Mac Miller’s ‘Swimming’ went platinum on February 24, 2021