Jack Harlow’s sophomore album ‘Come Home The Kids Miss You’ Dropping May 6

Jack Harlow's sophomore album 'Come Home The Kids Miss You' Dropping May 6

is ready to drop his new body of work

The Louisville slugger, Jack Harlow, has announced his Come Home The Kids Miss You is dropping on May 6.

Following the commercial success of Thats What They All Say in , he returns to dismiss any talk about a possible sophomore slump.

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Harlow, 24, dropped his single “Nail Tech” in February, to which he says, “It's probably my least favorite song on the album,” in a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

He has a point to prove that extends past his past hit of “Whats Poppin.” He's not looking to be a for-the-moment artist, he's looking years ahead at his potential.

“I want to be the face of my shit, like the face of my generation, for these next 10 years. We need more people in my generation that are trying to be the best, and you can't do that with just ear candy, vibe records. You got to come out swinging sometimes. . . . My new shit is much more serious. Right now, my message is letting muh'fuckers know I love , and I'm one of the best in my generation. You can't do that with nonchalant, like, ‘Eeey, I got the bitches,' in clever ways over and over again. I got to dig deeper this time.”

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