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Andre 3000 said ‘alright’ 14 times in a row on ‘Hey Ya’

Andre 3000’s first rap name was Black Wolf

You've heard the classic refrain from the 2004 hit record “Hey Ya,” but have you ever stopped to count how many times 3 Stacks says “Alright” after asking, “what's cooler than being cool?” Well, no worries because we did. Mr. Benjamin says “Alright” 14 times in a row, making it one of the most repeated lyrics in a song.

The track was on the double OutKast album Speakerboxx/ The Love Below but the lyrical reference of repeating the word alright comes from the opening song “Gasoline Dreams” from the group's previous album, Stankonia. The repetitive lyric has since become a popular meme.


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