OutKast’s first rap name as a duo was 2 Shades Deep

OutKast's first rap name as a duo was 2 Shades Deep

OutKast originally went by the moniker 2 Shades Deep, then Misfits.

Before Atlanta duo OutKast (Andre 3000 (André Benjamin) and Big Boy (Antwan Patton)) was famously known as Outkast, they were originally known as 2 Shades Deep, then Misfits, eventually they settled on “OutKast”.

Outkast (sometimes written as OutKast) met in high school in East Point and the group was formed in 1992 under the name 2 Shades Deep,” and after they found out a similar name was being used by an Atlanta group called “4 Shades Deep” they changed the name to “Misfits” which was also taken. They looked into the dictionary for synmonyms of ‘Misfits: and “outcast” came up so they settled on that name with its phonetic spelling of the c replaced with “k”.

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