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Hip-Hop was born on August 11th, 1973


When was Hip-Hop created? and Who started Hip-Hop?

On August 11th, 1973, was born at a “back to school jam” birthday party in the Bronx. 1520 Sedgwick Avenue, the Bronx, , USA. The Party was hosted by Clive Campbell AKA . DJ Kool Herc, an 18-year-old Jamaican-American DJ, spun the turntables at the birthday party for his sister Cindy Campbell.

1520 Sedgwick Avenue, the Bronx, New York, USA

DJ Kool Herc, performed the ground breaking art form of the Merry-Go-Round, playing the same two records, isolating the funkiest percussion sections, extending those five second break beats into five minutes of dance fury. Then came the MC, or the Master of Ceremony, who added the rhymes over the beat to get the party going and flowing.

In the Bronx, DJ Kool Herc's friend Coke La Rock hyped up the crowd with a microphone. And from then on, . DJ Kool Herc's parties featured a new style of dance, Herc called these dancers b-boys. Eventually DJ Kool Herc had to move the party outside from 1520 Sedgwick Ave. to Cedar Park.

Hip-Hop doesn't just refer to , it's a subculture and art movement that was developed by African Americans and Puerto Ricans during the 1970s. DJ Kool Herc is known today as the founding father of “Hip-Hop”.

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Read: August 11th is officially recognized as “Hip-Hop Celebration Day”

Read: DJ Kool Herc coined the terms “B-Boys” and “B-Girls”

Read: The term “Hip-Hop” first appeared in print on September 21st, 1982

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