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Post Malone says he smokes over 40 cigarettes a day


Post Malone is a heavy cigarette smoker

is known for his smoking habits. He's always holding a cigarette when he's seen outside. The ‘'Cooked Up'' rapper recently sat for an interview with NELK Boys on Full Send Podcast where he revealed that he smokes -45 cigs on a bad day. He added that he can smoke up to 80 cigs in a single day.

“On a really terrible day? There's a very fine line between a terrible day and a good day… 40-45,” Post explained. “By the time I ask Ben for that second pack, I'm like, ‘Alright dude, chill out.' But then by the time I open that third pack, I'm like, ‘I'm a total piece of shit and I need to go to sleep.' I used to [smoke them in bed], but not really anymore. Now I have like a special zone – it has like my PC in it and my Magic: The Gathering shit, so I just go down there and fucking rip cigs and build decks and die in Apex Legends. It definitely has [fucked up my voice], but I mean, Johnny Cash smoked his whole life – he sounded cool, you know?”

Smoking is harmful to health. Hopefully, Posty will find a way to slow down on the habit.

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