Polo G disagrees with Rooga’s opinion that diss tracks are fueling violence

Polo G advises rappers to ‘’start Growin up & leaving it inna streets’’

Chicago rapper Rooga recently hopped on social media to pay tribute to his fallen associate, FBG Cash. In the video, the ‘’GD Anthem’’ rapper disqualified the theory that diss tracks are a catalyst for gun violence. He argued that once someone is involved in the street life, they’ll be targeted regardless if they diss or not.

Fellow Chi-town rapper caught wind of Rooga’s views on The Chicago Wave Instagram page, and left a comment with his own opinion. Capalot suggested that dissing the dead can actually fuel deadly feuds.

“That ain’t really the point that’s bein made,” he wrote. “When they say dat u steady speaking on the dead & bringing up the dead u drawing that type of energy to yourself when you in the streets or close to it u gat ties to that type of energy by default so it wouldn’t hurt to limit how much of it you attract & fasho a n*gga can’t wait to catch u even more when you done talked bad bout his best friend dat just died.”
“It’s really time to start Growin up & leaving it inna streets cuz time & time again the world u same [poop emoji] make you laugh make you cry [100 emoji].”

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