Big Sean on fellow Detroit rapper Babyface Ray – ‘’he’s chosen’’


Big Sean believes in up-and-coming rapper Babyface Ray

is one of the leading acts in the Detroit scene; therefore, his approval carries significant weight. A clip recently circulated on Instagram showing Sean & Ray hanging out at an event where the former had some good words for the latter.

“I feel like that's one of the reasons he's you know he's chosen,” Sean said of Ray who was standing next to him. “It's like he pulled the sword out of the motherfuckin stone you know what I mean? King Arthur, you know what I mean? And that happens only once every decade, once every other decade every thirty, forty years so it's like you gotta understand how special it is.”

The admiration between Sean and Ray is mutual. During a January interview with Complex, Ray explained how the ‘'Deep Reverence'' rapper influenced him. “Big Sean gave me the most motivation, because he's established in the industry, and the things he said to me had me feeling like I'm here to stay,” he revealed.

“He appreciated me. He told me that he likes my style, and I'm going to be cool. So, hearing that from somebody who is already situated in is just like, man, I've got to stay on point.”

He added, “Big Sean showed mad love. I had met him before in high school. It's crazy, he probably didn't even know I rap. I was shooting dice and they was shooting videos. Then a couple years later we were in the studio working, and that's how that went.”

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