03 Greedo might be released on parole soon

03 Greedo could come home soon

Los Angeles rapper has been locked up for over five years but he might be coming home soon. According to Texas Department Of Criminal Justice website, the rapper has been granted parole and only has to finish a program before he’s freed.

The website reads, “The offender is currently not in the review process. Offender was approved for release.” It also states that Greedo’s last parole hearing was on June 16th, 2022, and he was “approved with completion of a program prior to release.”

As of yet, there hasn’t been any official confirmation from Greedo’s camp. However, reporter Jeff Weiss dismissed the reports on Twitter while revealing that the rapper’s family is optimistic. “Greedo has not yet been approved for parole. However, I spoke to his family this morning and it’s looking positive,” Weiss tweeted.

Greedo was arrested in 2016 on drug trafficking and possession of a firearm charges, and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

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