Roddy Ricch names his top three rappers in the 20-25 age range


Roddy Ricch considers himself among the top rappers in his generation

Following the release of his new EP, The Big Three, stopped by Los Angeles this week for an interview with Justin Credible on the LIFTOFF . During the discussion, Justin asked the ‘'No Mop'' rapper about his Top 5 rappers of this generation.

‘'When you say this generation, you mean like, you gotta give me a age range,'' Roddy responded before Justin continued to explain his question, ‘'I feel like you know Nipsey and the YGs, you know, the Coles, you know they've graduated.''

Roddy then expounded, ‘'You see that's why you gotta give me a age range cause these niggas is all my generation they got poppin' they like old,'' before Justin clarified, ‘'Okay so let's go like 20 to 25.''

Without hesitation, the Compton native revealed his top three rappers within the aforementioned age range. ‘'Okay I'd say me, and Youngboy, and Kodak,'' Roddy said. Justin then added, ‘'That's the big three. That's exactly what I was looking for.''

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