PNB Rock recalls being “tried” by LA gang members in an interview recorded days before he passed away


PNB Rock was shot & killed in an armed robbery this week

was shot & killed on Monday (September 12) during an armed robbery. He was 30. On Tuesday, shared an interview with the Philly rapper they sat for a couple of days before his tragic demise.

Rock recounted running into LA gang bangers while shopping with his daughter and girl. “Somebody tried me on Fairfax, like, mid-pandemic,” he started. “N-ggas was talking loud as shit wanting me to hear their conversation and it's like, ‘I'm with my peoples — my daughter and my girl. Why are they talking about this gangsta shit? What the fuck is going on?'

“So I'm like, ‘Man, we outta here.' My girl like, ‘Nah, we ain't — what's wrong?' I'm just going off of the vibes. She ain't peep it, she be thinking I'm tripping. She peeped that I'm serious so she's like, ‘Alright, we out.'”

The “Go To Mars” rapper and his family then drove off to a nearby store, before realizing the gang members were tailing them.

“I ain't go in the store for two seconds, the same people come from out the car, hop in the store hype as shit, say some gang banging shit,” he said. “I recognized the energy. He started talking to me on some gangsta shit. I'm like, ‘Bruh, do you know me from somewhere?' He like, ‘N-gga, yeah I know who you is!' Trying to get me to, like, get into some shit.

“So I flagged him off and just walked out the store 'cause I already know where this shit 'bout to go … You don't want to be nervous and make it seem like something 'bout to happen. You want [your girl and your kids] to be as calm as possible to make it seem like everything is cool, ain't nothing about to happen to us.”

He continued: “So I just kept it cordial like, ‘Come on, baby. We out. These n-ggas on some real shit.' When they got to the car, that's when I let n-ggas know like, ‘I'm not on that.' And I ain't gonna say what happened, but n-ggas know that I'm just not on that.”

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