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T.I. reveals the biggest paycheck he’s ever put his hands on; it’s eight figures


T.I. says having an eight-figure paycheck can be quite tempting

rapper has earned himself a good chunk of fortune over the two decades he's been in the . The 41-year old recently sat for a chat with Tony The Closer where he disclosed that the biggest amount of money he's ever had at once is $26 million.

“The most money I've ever had at once as far as one paycheck,” he started. “26 million maybe something like that.”

“It felt like 26 million,” T.I. said after being asked what it felt like having such amount. “Eight figure checks feel like the devil could potentially pull you under. It just feel like it's a lot of scrutiny,” he added. “Because people are after this. This is what everybody wants. I'm holding it right here in my hand, it got my name on it. So it feels like a lot of responsibility.”

He added: “It feel better than being broke, I'll tell you that.”

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