Ice Cube reacts to Kanye West crediting him for his anti-Semitic views: “leave my name out”


Ice Cube doesn't want to be involved with Kanye West's anti-Jewish controversy

is not happy with bringing his name up in his anti-Semitic rants. had previously claimed on Drink Champs interview that Cube inspired his anti-Jewish attitude.

Cube took to on Tuesday (October 18) refuting Ye's claims. “I hate that my name was dragged into this Drunk Champs bullshit,” Cube wrote in a tweet. “I don't know what Ye meant by his statements, you're gonna have to ask him. I didn't put the batteries in his back. Please leave my name out of all the antisemitic talk. I'm not antisemitic and never have been.”

During his chat with N.O.R.E & on Drink Champs, Ye said, “Cube's really set me up for this.” He added, “You've really influenced me to get on this antisemite vibe. I'm here to finish the job.”

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