Kanye West offered ‘White Lives Matter’ t-shirt copyrights, but for a whopping $1 billion


has to cough out ten digits if he's to acquire ‘White Lives Matter' trademark
hasn't been able to sell the controversial ‘White Lives Matter' t-shirts because somebody else filed for the brand ownership copyrights the same day the rapper was seen wearing the t-shirt during Paris fashion last month.

Now, the current owners of the trademark, radio co-hosts Ramse Ja and Quinton Ward, aren't “looking to sell the trademark, but any potential buyer would have to come up with a $1 billion,” according to a report by TMZ on Sunday (November 6).

The copyrights to the ‘White Lives Matter' t-shirts were claimed by an anonymous fan of Ramse and Quinton's show, Civic Cipher, who later gave them to the two co-hosts.

Ye, who is no longer a billionaire, hasn't contacted Ramse and Quinton about acquiring the rights.

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