Lil Wayne says his unmatched work ethic is inspired by her mother


Lil Wayne talks his work ethic with 2 Chainz

had a brief discussion with before he rocked the stage on Amazon Live this weekend. During the talk, Titi Boy reminded Wayne of a moment during I'm Music Tour when he (2 Chainz) “went to sleep” and left him in the tour bus recording. When he woke up, Weezy was still “on the bus recording.”

2 Chainz then asked him where he got that work ethic from, and Wayne simply explained that it “naturally comes from my mum.”

“I was invited to come on tour with Wayne around, I wanna say 08' or something like that, I'm Music Tour,” 2 Chainz began. “One night you went to the studio in the bus and I went to sleep. But when I when I woke up, you still was on the bus recording. Where did that come from, man?”

Wayne quickly responded, “The drive naturally comes from my mum. The way she worked you would think I got five brothers and six sisters. She was out there bursting her a** out for me.”

He added, “She loved what she was doing so she never worked a day in her life. That's where I got it from man. Embrace what you're doing, love what you're doing, it won't seem like work at all and you won't know how to stop.”

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