Roddy Ricch responds to Hit-Boy saying West-Coast rappers don’t work with him


Roddy Ricch says he was confused about Hit-Boy's comments

reacts to fellow California native 's remarks that West-Coast rappers like Roddy himself and whom he's worked with on 's Grammy-winning “Racks In The Middle” and “Backseat Freestyle” respectively, do not work with him anymore to his surprise.

While on the move to promote his new commercial mixtape Feed Tha Streets III, Roddy stopped by Power 105.1 this week where he addressed Hit-Boy. “We got a lotta together, so I was kinda confused about it,” Roddy told the host, DJ Clue, who then asked him if he speaks with the Fontana producer.

“Briefly. I let him say whatever, I ain't say nothing. I don't know. I don't really be on the media with n**gas, you feel me?” the rapper said, while adding that he's “thankfull” they won a Grammy together. “It's probably a lot of producers that feel that way. West Coast n**gas we should handle certain things without the cameras on.”

During a recent conversation with on his Off The Record Podcast, Hit-Boy said he played “Racks In The Middle” beat for Roddy the same night he made it. “The first beat I ever played n-ggas, the first song we ever did within 10 minutes of knowing each other, won a Grammy. How the fuck have we not locked in on more music. I don't get it. Maybe it's not for me to get,” he said.

He continued, “At the end of the day, the first muthafucking beat I ever played for you in the history of life is ‘Racks in the Middle,' my n-gga, like pull back up what the fuck.”

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