NBA Youngboy talks to Rich The Kid about “famous” picture with Lil Durk


Youngboy & Rich talk about the “famous” picture with Lil Durk

landed his own radio talk on Amazon last week and aired his first episode over the weekend. On the episode, Youngboy hosted whom he asked about the viral picture he took with .

“I want to ask you about the famous picture,” Youngboy stated. “They had somebody in there that really don't like me I guess. Or however, the world paint it. I don't take shit personal. I ain't worried about nobody. I want to ask you about the famous picture with the guy who supposedly don't like the Slime. I want you to tell me about that.”
Rich responded that they took the pic during one of his shows and pointed out that he promotes the “stop the violence” campaign.

“Well shit, you know that was my performance you know we spoke on that I called you after that,” Rich replied. “But you know I wanna just be on some stop the violence shit you feel me?”

NBA Youngboy reiterated his question, asking him why he didn't call him or cancel the show. “Aye, I'm gone ask you like this,”. “You know, as your , I would never ask you for the beef with nobody or diss nobody or ever just get out your element with nobody you know cause that ain't you. And if this was on top of my heart at the moment you know I could do that for myself. I could 100 percent get that done myself, however it is. You say that was for your show, I'm saying as your little brother, you ain't feel like you could just call me?”

“How this picture even came across like there's a n-gga just pulled out the camera and you ain't just feel like, ‘let me stand up and get the fuck on.”

Youngboy continued to press the rapper as to why he didn't leave the scene where Durk was, to which Rich went on a brief silence.

“It's all good, you know,” YB added. “This is a positive station here even though I'm talking a little aggressive. And I'm gonna play a lot of music to support certain people, fuck it. I love you you my brother and shit it's all family no friends I got your back to the end call me when it get gangsta.”

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