YNW Melly says he fears for his life in jail: “I’m not safe”


Melly says his phone privileges have been permanently taken away

As awaits trial in his double murder case, the Florida rapper laments that he's being mistreated in jail. Melly revealed that he is “in fear” for his life and that new authorities at the Broward County Jail are handing him even “harsher punishments.”

“As of this moment today I am officially in fear of my life,” read a post shared on Melly's Instagram page on Monday (December 12). “A new Captain named Hubert and XO Jenkins have taken over the jail for two weeks now and have handed out even harsher punishments for me then the previous ones in place. Since December 1.”

The “Mixed Personalities” rapper added that “high-ranking staff of the Broward Sheriffs Office” are doing everything they can to keep him isolated. “When I come out of my cell for the 1 hour a day, all other inmates in the adjoining dorms must go back in there cell. I am being subjected to cruel and unusual treatment at the hands of deputies and high-ranking staff of the Broward Sheriffs Office.

“I have been threatened by Deputies, Lieutenants and Sergeants that say “they will hide me from the world” and threaten to “beat my ass everyday and if I tell my lawyers they will lie and say I hit them first.” Words from Sergeant Anthony Kidd and Lieutenant Jean Baptiste.”

Melly went on to complain that his phone privileges have been taken away for good for an offense that requires him to be denied making phone calls for only 30 days. “I cant call my family or lawyers to notify them if I have been beaten or harassed. They say my phone privileges are taken permanently because all of the infractions over the last seven months. THAT IS A LIE! They took my phone privileges indefinitely off of my 1″ violation for using another inmates pin to talk on the phone when I am not allowed to use the phone.”

He continued, “If I had been treated like every other inmate at this facility my phone pin would have been restored and phone privileges given back after 30 days per the handbook.

“I am not safe in the hands of these people especially if the highest in command in the jail “doesn't like me”. I am in fear of my life. My family is in fear of my life. I can not do another day here. Someone please help me get moved to another county jail until my trial. PLEASE!”

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