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Snoop Dogg explains why he worked extra hard in 2022


Snoop also talks about why he's still grinding even after decades of success

reveals the strategy that allowed him to drop a slew of back-to-back projects this year. Speaking to The Metaverse Podcast last week, the Compton legend explained that he was on “double time” this year, meaning he was assuming each day had 48 hours.

“December 31st I told myself, I said, ‘Look here, self, I wanna talk to you,' and myself said, ‘I'm listening,' I said ‘look, for 2022, that's 20s and it's 22, I'm double time everything,” Snoop said. “So I'm treating every day like I got 48 hours in one day instead of 24 hours. You going by the minute, I'm going by the second.'”

When asked how he's able to keep applying pressure even with around three decades of success, Snoop pointed out that his success makes him hungry for more. “I hate losing. I love to win. I'm a sore loser, and if I ain't winning I'm losing. There's no in-between,” he explained. “So if I'm working, I'm popping, I'm popping. I'm winning. You know, it's beautiful sometimes to just sit back and be in the studio working on a song and a commercial comes in and I'm on the commercial. And then walk out to hallway and you hear me on the radio. You feel what I'm saying? That's work. And it makes me don't wanna say ‘let's go on vacation I'm doing well,' it makes me wanna say ‘I want more, I'm hungry.'”

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