YNW Melly’s co-defendant YNW Bortlen reportedly told police he didn’t see anything in the shooting that killed their two friends


A clip surfaces of an alleged interview of Bortlen with the authorities

A co-defendant in the double murder case reportedly told detectives that he didn't see anything during the shooting that killed their two friends YNW Juvy & YNW Sakchaser because he was busy ducking from bullets.

In an unverified clip that recently surfaced online, a person supposedly Bortlen can be heard telling investigators how he ended up not seeing or hearing anything during the shooting. “I couldn't really see anything because I'm trying to avoid from getting shot like I'm blessed to be here right now,” he says in the alleged interrogation.

He continued, “The car was still rolling forward. I'm tryna stay safe. I'm tryna not to get hit. I'm scared for my life right now. The car was just rolling. I don't know what car, which way it went. Nothing.”

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