Tory Lanez’s new lawyer Jose Baez speaks on representing him: ‘he’s got me now’


Tory's new attorney promises to give rapper “best result possible”

has hired new lawyers to tackle his appeal after he was found guilty in the shooting case. One of the new attorneys recently ran into TMZ where he spoke about the case and vowed to dedicate all his resources in giving the Canadian artist the best representation possible.

“Looking at this case, I certainly wish I had come in sooner as opposed to later,” Baez said. “Unfortunately, this is the way that it is, but he's got me now and I'm certainly willing to give him everything I have and hopefully, we'll get the best result possible for him.

“As you may know, Tory has never been convicted of a crime and he has never had to deal with the circumstances that he's dealing with, so the adjustment that he's going through is new to him. To his credit, he's listening to his lawyers, he's an incredibly articulate young man.”

He continued, “In all of that, there are things that certainly in the trial he wished had gone the other way … He's trying his best to adjust to everything. In light of the fact that he's never been in this situation before, it's really a tough process to go through.”

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