Suge Knight offers his opinion on Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion shooting case


Suge says he understands what both Tory and Meg are going through

says he is familiar with what both and are experiencing after the former was recently found guilty of shooting the latter in the foot in . As Tory gathers a new legal defense team for his appeal, he hired Suge's former attorney , and Rolling Stone called the former front man this week to ask him of his take on the trial.

“I understand what Megan goes through because when and I got shot in Vegas… I got a fragment and a bullet an inch to my skull today. They didn't remove it because they said if it went another inch I'd have been a vegetable or dead,” Suge explained. “So I know what it's like when people say, ‘You didn't get shot, this didn't happen, she's lying.' They accused me of stuff (too).

“If he's guilty, that's one thing. But if he didn't have the right person representing him to get a fair shake, that another thing.”

He added, “Right now, Tory is probably going through [the] worst days of life, because the county jail [is] so horrible and dirty. The food is garbage, the cell is freezing, it's dirty and nasty. You could be sitting in your bed at night, and a rat might run across your chest, or it might bite you, roaches is all over your bed.”

tory lanez regrets not testifying

Tory Lanez regrets not testifying in Megan Thee Stallion shooting case

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Suge Knight says Tory Lanez new lawyer David Kenner would’ve helped him beat his murder case had he been involved