FBG Duck’s mother suggests King Von, T. Roy killed Boss Trell


Duck's mother claims Von may have murdered her nephew Boss Trell

's mother LaSheena Weekly makes some serious accusations against the late . In a clip that recently made rounds on social media, Duck's mom claims there are rumors that Von killed Boss Trell with the helping hand of his deceased friend, T. Roy. However, she did admit that the reports are unconfirmed.

“Von allegedly killed Trell, him and T. Roy,” Weekly said. “Only the streets know and only the people who did it know, so that's why I'm saying ‘allegedly'. November the 6th, my nephew made a post and he said: ‘I'm tired of this gang banging s**t…' one of them posts he said. But the fact he said that November the 6th, this man allegedly killed him on the 8th, and then died seven years later, eight years later on the day that one of the people he killed made a post. I'm spiritual with this s**t, okay? And once we gone, we gone.”

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