Quando Rondo discusses treatment from fans following King Von’s death


Quando doesn't care if some people hate him for Von's murder

opens up about his coexistence with fans since 's shooting. The Savanah rapper admits the obvious fact that some people don't have much love for him because of the incident.

“Our fans are not going to be the same,” Quando recently said in an interview on No Jumper. “So, I feel like everybody who is against me because of a past situation, I don't give a f**k about them because they never been my fans from the get-go.”

“I don't even want to talk about that,” he continued when asked to expound on the situation. “When God call your a*s home you got to go, brother.”

King Von was shot to death in by Quando's associate after getting into a fight with the “Give Me A Sign” rapper outside a club in .

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