NBA Youngboy’s associate Lil Pap pleads guilty in Gee Money’s murder


Lil Pap has been sentenced to five years prison in the murder of Gee Money

's affiliate takes a plea deal in connection with the murder of fellow Baton Rouge rapper . According to a report by The Advocate, Pap, real name Deandre Fields, was sentenced to five years in prison after taking the deal this week. In a statement, District Attorney Hillar Moore said they couldn't prove Pap was guilty of the murder since the key witness in the case was indicted for a separate second-degree murder in .

Pap was facing second-degree murder charges that attract a mandatory life sentence, but after pleading guilty, he was sentenced for accessory after the fact, implying that he helped the actual killer after the crime.

“This arrest created a serious issue to the successful trial of Deandre Fields as the state's eyewitness has been indicted for a homicide himself,” Moore said. “There was no other direct information outside of some circumstantial evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Fields was responsible for this homicide.

“Under the circumstances the state was not in any other position but to resolve this matter under these circumstances,” he continued. “My office has discussed these issues with Mr. Burton's family prior to accepting this plea.”

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