YSL Mondo says District Attorney Fani Williams was once his lawyer


D.A Fani Willis is going against Young Thug and YSL in RICO indictment

reveals that District Attorney Fani Willis, who built the against and other crew members, once represented him as his attorney. The YSL co-founder made the revelation during a recent sit-down with the Ugly Money podcast.

“That was for real just my lawyer, bruh. I ain't never seen this lady act like this. This shit weird to me. That's how I know all this shit is about politics,” said Mondo, who wasn't indicted in the RICO case. “I'm sitting here talkin' to her just like how we talkin'. Fani Willis lady — I used to talk to this lady like an auntie… All this shit puzzling and scary as hell. And it's a lot of bullshit they're putting out… Shit ain't right.”

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