Chloe Bailey announces new album ‘In Pieces’


Chloe has new music on the way

Up-and-coming singer is working on her upcoming album, In Pieces. The 24-year-old hopped on this week to inform her followers that the album will arrive in March 2023. She also unveiled a brief trailer for the project.

“IN PIECES. MY . MARCH 2023,” she tweeted.

“It's everything that I've been going through, all the tearing down, people underestimating, telling me I can't do it — all of those things have gone into the ,” she previously said about the forthcoming album. “The album is me picking myself up and talking myself out of any little place or space that the world has tried to put me in, that people and personal relationships have tried to put me in, and even [doing that to] myself. It's me breaking free.”

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New Music Friday (January 27th, 2023)

New Music Friday (January 27th, 2023)