Rob49 says he drove himself to the hospital after getting shot in January


Rob49 says he drove himself to medical help after getting shot

was one of 10 people injured in a January shooting at an event that was also present. Recently speaking on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, Rob recounted that once he realized he was hit, he hopped in a stranger's car and drove himself to the nearest hospital.

“I drove myself to that bitch. I hopped in somebody car…I drove myself to the hospital cause they had a n-gga in the driver's seat. I jumped in anybody car. I grabbed this n-gga's wheel and pressed his leg down. Took his phone, put his maps on, went to the hospital. I said alright, we pulled up to the hospital,” the New Orleans rapper said.

“I got shot in my back by my lungs so I'm like, fuck, can't play them type games,” he continued. “Grabbed this n-gga again, and searched nearest trauma hospital. Press this n-gga leg again, boom I'm driving that muthafucka. They got traffic, I'm like no way. I said brother we're going on the sidewalk, boom … stuffed his leg again, we on the sidewalk.”

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