Just Blaze confirms Michael Jackson’s vocals were on Jay-Z’s “Girls, Girls, Girls”


Hove had MJ's vocals on “Girls, Girls, Girls”

It has long been rumored that 's 2001 hit “Girls, Girls, Girls” contained 's vocals, well, confirms it. During a recent interview at Noah Callahan-Bever's Idea Generation series, Blaze said he discovered MJ's vocals on the record while on quarantine, 20 years after the track was released.

“So Michael Jackson is on the ‘Girls, Girls, Girls' – the A version,” Just Blaze revealed. “And I never knew that. I don't know if I didn't go to the studio that day. I thought it was an urban legend or something that Jay said like in jest one day or just was some kind of a myth.”

He continued, “And I realize as I'm listening to it, it's him singing on ‘Girls, Girls, Girls.' And I'm like, it's true! Like I never…the last 20 years… I just found it during quarantine. So all these years, I've never known it was actually a real thing. And turns out the files had been sitting downstairs this entire time.”

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