Krazy Bone explains why there aren’t many Hip Hop groups anymore – ‘To me it’s selfishness’


Krazy Bone says rap groups can's work no more because of selfishness

rapper believes groups are declining because rappers are increasing becoming self-centered. During a conversation on , Krazy said groups don't play out anymore because every member wants to receive more attention.

“Man, it's because I think, man, I'm a keep one hundred with you. To me it's selfishness,” Krazy said after he was asked why there aren't too many Hip Hop groups like they used to be in the 1990s and . “You can't have a group like back in the day. Nobody wants to be that dude in the group, everybody wants to be that dude in the group, you know what I'm saying? Everybody wanna be that flank dude. And if you do get a group the long it's gonna be is after the first project,” he continued, “they split.”

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