Cardi B granted permission to seize blogger Tasha K’s property to cover for lawsuit debt


Cardi can now seize Tasha K's property to compensate for the 2019 suit

has been granted a go-ahead to seize blogger Tasha K's property to compensate for $3,868,753.47 in lawsuit. According to HipHopDx, the ruling was signed buy Judge Wiliam M. Ray II after Cardi's legal team filed a writ of execution against Tasha K and Kebe Studio LLC on Thursday (April 20) in .

Tasha K hopped on on Friday (April 21) pleading for more time to pay the money.

“Look! Sis & Law I Know you need that cause work is slow for all of us right now, but right now, I ain't got it!” she wrote. “But let your lawyers know that when I'm up, you gone be up & stuck…You get first dibs after this irs bill gets paid.”

Cardi filed a defamation lawsuit against Tasha in for posting false reports about Cardi, including having herpes and using cocaine.

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