Curren$y thanks the blog era for keeping his career relevant


Spitta admits the blog era has kept his career alive

It can't be overstated how important it is for an artist's name to remain afloat within blogs, but few musicians admit that. In a March interview on Ebro in the Morning, acknowledged that blogs have helped keep his career relevant.

“I went laptop,” Spitta said. “I tell people all the time my homegirl just typed in Google when I put my first mixtape… That's how I learned of all the blogs. She typed my name in and it popped up that all these people had wrote these articles and posted the picture.

“It felt like I was looking at all the magazines. It felt like , VIBE. I was like, ‘Damn, there is a whole other group of writers I don't have to deal with this shit.' If they not fucking with it, there's a whole other batch of people that is. That just made me keep pumping shit out. What so happened was the labels were using these blogs to A&R shit.

He added, “They wasn't getting out in the street and seeing what was what. They would just go there and see, ‘Oh, they keep posting him, let's hit him up and let's find his Myspace or or whatever and see if the kid wants a million dollars.”

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