Snoop Dogg takes East Coast over West Coast as the side with bigger impact in Hip Hop


Snoop admits East Coat was more influential in rap

surprisingly chooses the East Coast over the West Coast as the most influential player in the game. During a sit-down with ESPN this week, the I Still Got It rapper explained that the East takes the day because it's where it all started, before everybody else, including the West, joined the wagon and started rapping.

“Definitely East Coast because East Coast started ,” Snoop declared after he was asked to choose between the two sides. “It has the biggest impact where it was born, where it was growth, where it was developed is always gonna be the biggest impact.

“Because that's the epicenter, that's the foundation, that's where it began. It's the East Coast.”

The Long Beach MC continued that the West also jerked the East's style, including “swag” and stage performance. He cited the likes of RUN-D.M.C., , and as early inspirations. “All of the rappers that started in in the beginning was our foundation. We learned from them, we got our style from them, we got our swag from them, we got our know how to get it together from them, our stage presence.”

He added, “everything from RUN-D.M.C., LL COOL J, Grandmaster Flash, to people who didn't have no record deals. They set the foundation.”

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