Xhibit says Dr. Dre made him take 3 hours to record the first line on “Multiply”


Xhibit had to record the intro line on Dre's terms

explains why the first lines on his classic record, “Multiply,” sounded different from the rest. The rapper was recently speaking on the Big Boy Neighborhood podcast where he recalled making him record the first line of the record where he raps: “I've been like that and I can't stop,” 400-500 times for around three hours.

“It took me about two to three hours to get that line. Because he wanted me to sound like a down south preacher,” X said, before the host asked if it was Dre who asked him to keep repeating the line. “Yeah Dre. I couldn't understand why and where he was trying to take me. I did everything. I went out there close to his face.”

He went on to reveal how many times he recited the line, “I think maybe four, five hundred times. I love the song.” After the host jokingly asked if he loves the track or if it still feels “abusive,” he replied, “I love this song.”

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