Lil Durk claims he confronted DaBaby following NBA Youngboy joint mixtape drama


Durk speaks on his relationship with Baby

When and joined forces for their collab mixtape, Better Than You, early last year, 's affiliate Memo 600 slammed Baby for the fairly low first week of the project. DaBaby responded claiming that Durk was “raising the white flag” in his DMs.

In a new interview with on Off The Record podcast, Smurk claimed that he approached Baby during 's tour and confronted him about the situation. “I DM'd DaBaby and told him, I'm like, ‘Hey fam, whatever you got going on when y'all doing a tape, that's y'all.' You feel me?” Durk said. “That's when the other bullshit came out, ‘Waving the white flag in my DM.'

“We was on the Future tour. They like, ‘DaBaby here.' Ask him yourself, call him. I pulled him in a room — not on no ‘come here!' I was like, ‘Check it out.' He's like, ‘What?' ‘That's small shit, little shit. Let's get to the money. You see what they tryna do to you? We don't have no beef. Why? I don't give a fuck 'cause you did an album with that man. That shit sold how much?”

When asked if he's at good terms with DaBaby, Lil Durk said he doesn't “want problems with nobody.”

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