NBA Youngboy fires back at John Gotti III’s sister for calling him “animal zoo”


Youngboy responds to Gotti's sister

addresses disrespectful comments made by John Gotti III's sister Nicolette Gotti towards him, his baby mama Yaya Mayweather and her father . The rapper took to Instagram live this week to speak his mind about the situation.

“I hope you do that b***h the worse way, two, three years from now. I don't give a f**k. It ain't my . I hate that h**,” Youngboy said.

“And when it comes to her daddy, that n***a don't need to be in my mentions. I don't f**k with him,” Youngboy added. “Your brother lost the fight. Every dog has its day, man. That's how it go.”

“I idolize your daddy,” he continued. “Man, next time you ever disrespect me, y'all ‘gone have to bomb me. Have a blessed day, beautiful.”

Earlier this month, John Gotti III fought against Floyd Mayweather but the match ended in a brawl at the sixth round. Nicolette later hopped on social media firing at Mayweather, his daughter and Youngboy while racially offending them in a frustrating manner. “@floydmayweather your daughter was ran through by a animal with 12 different baby mamas,” Nicolette wrote. “Your little circus animal — [you're] all a pack of zoo animals… I swear on my kids. I'm coming for your daughter. It may be two years, three years from now, but I'm coming c***.”

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