DJ Premier explains how Travis Scott’s father taught him music lessons


Preemo learned music lessons from Travis' dad

is one most the legendary figures in and he credits some of his achievements to the influence he got from none other than 's father, Jaques Webster Sr. During a recent discussion on Idea Generation, Preemo revealed that while growing up, he used to visit Webster where he received some classes.

“We call him Jack,” Premier said. “Jack's mom was my English teacher … he has a brother named Travis and he has a sister named Sonora — they're literally across the street.”

He explained that he was fond of going to Webster's place since they were the only ones in the neighborhood with a VCR. However, the Texas native was soon interested in Webster and his brother Travis' musical skills. “I'd go over there and Jack's playing the drums, like killin' it,” he recalled.

“And Travis was playin' the bass, which is two of my influences when I make beats to this day, is my drums and my bass.”


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