Latto explains why she keeps her dating life private


Latto keeps her lover close

Rapper shares why she doesn't discuss the person she is dating publicly. The rapper appeared on Cosmopolitan's latest Skin cover story where she spoke about her lover, whom she says sometimes visits her at shows.

“If something is special to me, I'm going to keep it close to me because everything else has to be front and center about my life,” Latto said.

When asked if her partner surprises her by showing up at her shows, she added, “Yes, that's definitely happened before, but it's not a consistent thing. I think we find the beauty in separation sometimes because it makes us miss each other.”

For months, fans on social media have speculated that Latto is seeing her fellow rapper , albeit both denying the allegations. During his performance at Hot 107.9's Birthday Bash ATL concert on June 17, 21 brought out who also called up Latto and the three shared the stage.

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