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Lil Jon was a producer on Ghost Town DJ’s “My Boo” but couldn’t be credited as a producer because he was an A&R director for So So Def


's So So Def's group Ghost Town DJ's (Virgo, DJ and producer Greg Street, producer Rodney Terry, and DJ Demp) could be considered one hit wonders by their song My Boo—which appeared on the So So Def Bass All-Stars Compilation album—as this is also the only song that Ghost Town DJ's have to their name.

My Boo peaked at No. 31 on the  Hot 100 when it released in 1996. In 2016, My Boo became popular again after the “Running Man Challenge” and re-entered the Hot 100 reaching a new peak of No. 27 twenty years after it first released. Lil Jon was a producer on Ghost Town DJ's “My Boo,” but couldn't be credited because he was an A&R for So So Def at the time—he also helped name the record.

was there the whole time. He couldn't take production credit because he was an A&R director, but Lil Jon helped produce the record. Me and him mixed the record. There are people who have creative imaginations who dispute [this] story, but from my recollection, Lil Jon is the one who named it “My Boo,” 'cause originally we called the record, “I Wanna Be Your Lady.” – Rodney Terry told Spin

Ghost Town DJ's 'My Boo'

Lil Jon told Spin, “I was working A&R at So So Def. This was my first project on So So Def — first project that was mine. I executive produced it and A&R'd the album.”

“Rodney [Terry] used to work at at the time. He was the main promotions guy. If you were a Def Jam artist you came to and Rodney was the guy who took you around and put you to radio. I knew Rodney because I was a DJ… We knew each other just from the record company shit.”

Rodney Terry also explained why the official video has the title “(V/O version No. 2),” instead of simply “My Boo.” “The version of ‘My Boo' that you're hearing now is actually the second version. Me and Lil' Jon came up with the idea way before we did the record, and I even went to California for three or four days to just try and get the vibe,” he said. “I came back and we just wanted to do it [ourselves]. It really didn't work out with the people we were producing it with. And then, one day, I was in Lil' Jon's office and I played the beat and [producer Carl Moe, who's a credited songwriter on “My Boo”] was in there with his keyboard and he just fell right into the pocket.”

The music video for My Boo released that same year.

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