Kodak Black says he doesn’t do cocaine – ‘I was on the lean’


Yak admits he uses percs

Kodak opens up after getting arrested for allegedly possessing cocaine. During an Instagram livestream Monday night (December 11), Kodad revealed that he was off lean when he was busted but denied using coke.

“I was on the lean homie. I was on the lean and I was sleeping in front of my people house bro. And that's it. And that ain't illegal,” he said.

He continued, “But they be talking about cocaine? Come on. Hell sh** no. Hell no.”

As the stream went on, he added, “They be tryna to put on you powder cause you powerful. I'll tell God himself I do percs.”

After revealing his percocet use, he explained that “them was my medicine, prescribed to me. I was honestly say that.”

He also informed his fans that he is “working one myself, I'm working on myself right now. I paid $350,000 dollars to get clean and get better… I ain't no fuckin' junkie.”

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