Hit-Boy reflects on helping his father Big Hit put out his new album ‘The Truth is in My Eyes’


Hit-Boy worked with Big Hit on the latter's new album

's father has a out, The Truth is in My Eyes, and the former can't be more proud. The famed producer took to Instagram over the weekend to celebrate Big Hit's in a lengthy, emotional post.

“Being in elementary school telling people me and my dad were gonna make together one day when he's back out on the streets,” he wrote. “Over the years we have had points where he touched down for a second maybe a few months MAX and we started recording and making some progress. Then he'd let the streets win and he'd end up right back in the cell for years at a time.

“Big Hit has spent about 30 years of his life on the inside and i still never looked at him at anything other than my dad he's himself at all times and it's no cut on how he move love it or hate it. this time feels different for me personally im a lot more mature and i know who i am so as a man i can hear him out and also be a leader for him in my own right. It's alot of pressure but it's also therapy for both us i would say,” he added. “9pm pst tonight we're dropping his DEBUT album The Truth Is In My Eyes and i couldn't be more proud of this moment. Most people wait til they family die to honor them in this way but we doing right here rn while we ALIVE.”

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