Benny The Butcher has unreleased music with Meek Mill, Nas, Scarface in the vault


Benny is no stranger to working with big shots

has a couple of unreleased records with some big names on the way. While recently speaking about his shelved collab on The Breakfast Club, Benny disclosed that he has never-before-heard with , , as well as waiting somewhere.

“I got a record with Meek [Mill] that nobody never heard,” the rapper revealed. “And I actually did the record with Meek like a week before I did the record with Drake, y'know what I'm saying?

“I got a record with Nas the world never heard […] Hit Boy produced it. It's clearing these records — that's what it is. It's the next level of the . I got a record with Scarface, The Mekanix.”

The Buffalo artist is gearing up to unleash his for , Everybody Can't Go, slated for release early this year.

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