42 Dugg thrashes Wack 100’s claim that Offset robbed him – ‘These n*ggas ain’t took no money’


Duggy says Set and his entourage didn't rob him

addresses Wack 100's allegations that robbed the Detroit rapper during an argument over a dice game at QC three years ago.

“These n-ggas ain't took no money, man!” 42 explained on Instagram live. “On both of my kids, n-gga. What are you talking about, n-gga?! … Them n-ggas hoes, man.

“This the same thing I told Wack 100 — you old lame turning these n-ggas up. You know these n-ggas ain't stepping like that. And I was by myself with $100,000.” While he seemingly admitted that a scuffle did happen, he insisted that nothing was taken from him.

During his 100 ENT on Clubhouse earlier this month, Wack claimed that Offset “did it like a gangsta, went in Dugg's pockets, took his money and fired on Dugg. One-on-one. Woomp, bow! ‘You got me fucked up,'”

Wack also credited himself for de-escalating the situation before gun's were out blazing which could've potentially caused loss of life.

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