Snoop Dogg says he has unheard song with Michael Jackson


Snoop reveals he was close to MJ

explains how he related with the late . During a discussion on Andy Cohen's Radio Andy on Sirius XM, Snoop revealed that he was close to MJ and even has an unreleased record with the King of Pop.

“Me and Michael was family. His family, my family love each other,” he explained. “We have a record that never came out together,” he added, skimming over the details.

He then recalled an encounter with the Thriller hit-maker during an event in Las Vegas where he burst into MJ's dressing room blowing marijuana smoke and he wasn't having it.

“Only issue me and Mike had was, we was at … Ed Hardy — Christian Audigier, he had an event in [Las] Vegas. He had Michael Jackson perform, Snoop Dogg perform,” he remembered.

“But where he messed up, he put Michael Jackson dressing room right next to Snoop Dogg's. So Snoop Dogg was doing this,” he continued, taking a hit of his blunt.

“They like, ‘You know Michael Jackson dressing room next door.' Like, ‘No it ain't.' They like, ‘Yeah it is.' I'm like, ‘Hold on.'” Snoop then took another drag from his blunt and recalled how he opened the door, exhuming a cloud of smoke. “[Michael was] right there looking at me. He said, ‘Snoop, don't do that.'”

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