Daz Dillinger refutes Suge Knight’s claims Death Row members were jealous of 2Pac


Daz says they ‘gave' Pac ‘music'

Dillinger hits back at for claiming that members like Tha Dog Pounds, and were envious of 's success.

“Yo, I got a problem with this,” Daz started in an Instagram video shared this week. “People always saying that Snoop. Dr. Dre, us, everybody — we was jealous of 2Pac. How can we be jealous of 2Pac and we made 2Pac?

“We put that album [All Eyez OnMe] together. We came over there, we gave him . We did that. We wanted him to be the man of the man, so how was we jealous putting his album together? Taking songs from us and giving it to him — how is that jealousy?”

He added, “The only jealousy there was, was Suge Knight in his ear and everybody[‘s] ear causing confusion. Look at that muthafucka now. All on his little podcast always talking shit. Kill that noise! , Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre none of us — we was never jealous of 2Pac.“Because we could go out in the streets and hang out and do what the fuck we wanna do. He was limited for what he had to do. And we was the one that was producing and creating a masterpiece, All Eyez On Me. So who's jealous? I think Suge Knight was jealous.”

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