Vince Staples recalls Snoop Dogg’s ‘positive interaction’ in Long Beach


Staples gives Snoop thumbs up for being present in his city

has great words to say about 's role of bringing positive influence in his hometown of Long Beach. In an interview on Podcast P, Staples, who originates from the same city as Snoop, explained how the I Still Got It rapper and the likes of were there for their city during his childhood.

“I think the best thing about Snoop is that he never felt out of reach,” Staples said. “He[‘s] never being weird, bro, there's no other way to put it; he's just not weird.

“Beiing a kid, I don't think I even like realized how big — all him, Warren G — I didn't realize how big all of them were 'cause you would just see them on a random day amongst their people.”

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