Schoolboy Q explains why joint album with ASAP Rocky never materialized


Q & Rocky couldn't set up a real meeting for the album

just released his , Blue Lips, and as part of its promotion effort, the rapper appeared on Drink Champs over the weekend.

During the sit-down, the West Coast rhymer discussed his long-rumored collab album with , specifically why it never came to life. “Yeah, we talked about it but I mean, me and him just ghost each other so much, bro,” he revealed. “Like, I'll be looking for him, I can't find him. He'll be looking for me. I see it, I'll be like, ‘Bruh, I'll call you tomorrow.'

“He got , bruh, so sometimes I gotta get him back. ‘Alright, you ghosted me for a week, I'ma have to ghost you for a week. You gotta wait a week now too.'”

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